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Dare to Dream and Work to Win

Understanding the Dollars and Sense of Success in Network Marketing

How does a book that has never been marketed, has no advertising campaign, and is not easy to find, wind up with sales in excess of 300,000 copies? How does it have sales continue to increase?

How does it become:
  • recognized as a true industry classic?
  • published in multiple languages?
  • the premiere teaching guide for top income earners within the industry?
How does it continually get referred to by industry leaders as:
  • The first book I insist that people in my organization read.
  • The first book I give to my new team members.
  • My secret weapon for success.
  • My bible for teaching others how to build a large, successful business.”

Why is it read over and over each year by thousands of people?

Why do people around the world use it as a study guide in weekly team meetings and on-line trainings?

Why do thousands of people read this book late at night, on vacation, or listen to it every day in their car?

Why do people repeatedly say, “I wish I had read this book the first day I began my business. It would have saved me from an enormous amount of frustration and lost time."

Why do people say, “This book literally changed my life.”

And why do people say, “My business exploded after I read your book.”

"If you are a network marketer, this is a must read! You get a realistic look at the business and what it takes to make it. Tom Barrett points out what it takes: consistency, duplication and enough time. Discover the four ingredients for success and the three fuels to get you there. He says you need vision, courage and stamina to make it in this business and I couldn't agree more. This book has helped me to stay positive and stay with it as I built my team from 10 to 590 in under 10 months! It's a must-have! I loved this book." — Mindy McCortney

People world-wide have their own reasons for repeatedly saying that they believe Dare to Dream and Work to Win is the finest book ever written for the industry of network marketing.

Discover for yourself the life changing insights contained in this book. You can get Dare to Dream and Work to Win in book form, as an audio CD set, or you can select the downloadable audio version.

It doesn’t matter if you have read 100 books on how to grow your network marketing business. If you don’t agree that Dare to Dream and Work to Win is literally among “the very best of the very best” just return the book and we will refund the full purchase price of the book to you. No questions asked.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Order the sequel to Dare to Dream and Work to Win - Success Happens and build your business to levels you've only imagined.
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 Name Price    
 Dare to Dream Book - 5 Pack   @ $13.50 $67.50
 Dare to Dream Book - 10 Pack @ $11.95 $119.50
 Dare to Dream Book - 20 Pack @ $10.95 $219.00
 Dare to Dream Book - Case of 48 @ $9.95 $477.00
 Dare to Dream CD Set - 10 @ $19.95 $199.50
 Dare to Dream CD Set - 25 @ $18.95 $473.75

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